Luke Hornof

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I've played music most of my life and have a lot of experience performing and recording. I'm classically trained on violin and also play keyboards and guitar. Styles include indie rock, folk, blues, jazz, classical, Irish, Cuban, and African.

Some musicians I've played/recorded with
Nya Jade
Vh1 Soul Artist
Michelle Chappel
2008 Billboard World Song Contest winner
Zy O. Lyn
Brian Jonestown Massacre, Mad Orange Fools
Victoria Theodore
Arsenio Hall Show, Stevie Wonder Band
Megan Slankard
award-winning San Francisco singer-songwriter
Alexis Harte
Berkeley acoustic folk/Americana singer-songwriter
Desoto Reds
Oakland indie-rock band
Kim Norlen
indie-rock singer-songwriter
Harry Likas
jazz pianist, teacher, technical book editor
Permanent Record
Paramount Pictures film starring Keanu Reeves
Casa de Escabeche
Cuban music, salsa dancing, amazing mojitos
Irish folk group in Brittany, France
Danny Caron
blues guitarist, musical director for Charles Brown
Kokou Katamani
West African drumming teacher
Jeffrey Reynolds
Heather Christie Band, Violince, Cottonwood Sings
Marty Jennings
concert violinist
Portland Youth Philharmonic
oldest youth symphony in the United States
musical duo from Berkeley